Dunia Group General Information


Dunia Production is one of the Kingdom’s leading production houses with a full range of the state-of-the-art media labs, mobile OB Vans, and audio visual equipment. The company has the largest production team in the Kingdom of over 180 professionals providing video, film, photography, audio, autocad and 3D design, animation and virtual tours, documentation, archiving and related services... www.dunia.com.sa


Dunia InterMedia is a unique media company that focuses on combining knowledge and creativity for strategic communications. Four clusters of services are offered: Consulting and capacity building, event organization and management, pre-press and publications, as well as web-design and IT solutions. All services are offered by a team of professionals with over 25 years of experience in the Kingdom... www.duniaintermedia.com


Desert Publisher is the kingdom’s leaders in creating and publishing commemorative books and publications celebrating the Kingdom projects, achievements, cultural wealth and heritage. Outstanding photography with content produced in multiple languages are hallmark products. Desert publisher is also home to one of the most sophisticated digital printing facilities in the Kingdoms... www.desertpublisher.com


Arthromedia is a strategic marketing and advertising communications firm serving key economic sectors including: real estate, hospitality, lifestyle and leisure industries. Services include comprehensive branding, publishing, website design, specialized publications and a broad range of specialized media services... www.arthromedia.com


The Dubai-based company dedicated to assist captains of industry in their efforts to connect with their online audiences, demonstrating the value of their brands and products in a most engaging manner. Complete media campaigns can be provided by seasoned professionals offering a full range of latest media and communications capabilities... www.wsfcreative.com


SEYADA for creative arts is one of more than 55 SAE campuses in 30 countries, SAE Institute in cooperation with Seyada offers diplomas, certificates, and short course vocational training in digital filmmaking, audio engineering, animation, game design, digital journalism and multimedia, utilizing the best media training equipment and facilities in the Middle East... www.sa.sae.edu