About Us:
Dunia InterMedia is a group of multi-disciplined professionals. We apply the most advanced methods and technologies to business, managerial and marketing needs, including consulting, marketing, research, media conferences and event organization.
Our mission is to deliver the highest standards of professional services in a cost-effective and dependable manner.
One of the distinguishing characteristics of the group is the significance it assigns to the implementation of its solutions. For us, success is seen as 5 % ideas and 95% implementation.
We have become the largest organizer of events and conferences in the Kingdom, and we make sure that our work is of a high international standard.
Dunia InterMedia views the world wide webs as a resource for employees and customers, and as a tool for communicating, learning and adding value to key aspects of traditional business activities. The group works with its clients to implement innovation at the new frontier of business.
Dunia InterMedia’s key focus areas include:
Research, Consulting and Marketing:
Dunia InterMedia offers a unique mix of management consulting, research and marketing services.
Conference and Event Management:
Dunia Intermedia offers a comprehensive range of conference and event organizing services, working to the highest international standards.
Pre-Press and Publications
Dunia InterMedia offers a full range of pre-press and multi-media services.
Web Design and IT Solutions
Dunia InterMedia produces a wide range of web integrated designs with the most up to date IT solutions and effective e-literature.
Dunia InterMedia’s most recent projects include: