Web Design and IT Solutions
Dunia InterMedia has a range of web integrated designs with the latest IT solutions and effective e-literature.
Our services include:
Sophisticated Web Design:
  The right web design is vital to portray the correct corporate image, communication capabilities, marketing and CRM capabilities. Flash technology, integrated databases, and webcast capabilities are also offered.
Website Rapid Publishing Service:
  Websites are designed to accommodate rapid publishing capabilities in order to enhance expedient updating.
  Used to convey state of the art corporate image. E-literature is an inexpensive and highly effective information and communication medium.
Specialized Database Development:
  Quality database development with the right structures and clusters is central to effective marketing campaigns.
Needs Assessment and Solution Architecture:
  Business needs and application process analysis, combined with reverse engineering and WYSIWYG technologies deliver solutions that will be adopted by the organization and end user.
Web-based Financial Planning and Control Systems:
  management can stay close to operations and maintain financial controls from anywhere at any time via the right web-based financial planning and control systems.
Marketing and CRM Systems:
  The marketing process and follow-up are systemized and made transparent and effective in a sophisticated yet simple to use CRM system.
Proposals and Business Plans:
  Comprehensive studies ranging from concept papers to complete business plans with associated financial reports can be developed to the specific needs of clients.