Research, Consulting and Marketing
Dunia InterMedia offers a unique mix of management consulting, research and marketing services. These include:
Services include:
Extensive Research for Outstanding Solutions:
  Projects and client solutions are preceded by extensive research to ensure unique positioning and superior solutions.
Multi-Channel Media Plans and Campaigns:
  Effective, co-ordinated, multi-channel media plans that maximize return on investment, are custom made for each application.
Marketing Literature:
  A full range of services from concept design to detailed layout, copywriting, pre-press work and production management.
Specialized Web, e-Literature and IT Systems:
  Creative websites with flash technology that can integrate online, audio-visual presentations with various download capabilities, as well as database integration. A full range of e-literature is also available such as brochures, invites, and newsletters.
Customer Relations Management (CRM) Systems:
  Organizations with serious marketing programs need to incorporate the right CRM system in order to maximize their marketing efforts, effectiveness and resulting revenues. This approach will maximize marketing synergy.
Public Relations Campaigns
  Intelligent, creative, effective and unique public relations campaigns are custom designed for each client and project.