Pre-Press and Publications
Dunia InterMedia offers a full range of pre-press and multimedia publication services. These include:
Services include:
Marketing and Communications Literature:
  A range of brochures, flyers, posters, newsletters, directories and inserts are offered.
Project Briefs and Reports:
  Comprehensive projects briefs and reports are created for multiple classes of potential readers from projects owners to technical staff.
Special Presentation Service:
  Computer aided and web-based presentations are custom developed.
Creative e-literature:
  A full range of e-brochures, e-flyers and e-newsletters are offered.
CD and DVD Publishing
  Designed to complement print and web media and allow for an inexpensive and large dissemination of high quality communications and promotion content.
Specialized Event magazines and Newsletters
  Custom publications to extend the reach and effectiveness of events.
In-House Corporate Publications:
  Specialized publications to support internal communications or stockholder information.
Proposals and Business Plans:
  Comprehensive studies ranging from concept papers to complete business plans with associated financial reports can be developed for the specific needs of clients.