Conference and Event Management:
Dunia InterMedia offers a comprehensive range of conference and event organizing services. We work to the highest international standards, and are unique in our ability to service events via our in-house teams. As all of our team is under one roof, we can enhance our coordination, and dependability, which means that our work is of the best quality, and we are able to meet short deadlines on time and on budget.
Dunia InterMedia’s turnkey organizing services include:
Program Development
  International and local topical issues are developed into a unique program.
Speaker Acquisition and Services
  Renowned international speakers are invited to participate in events.
  Sponsor Acquisitions and Services
Unique events and sophisticated sponsor packages deliver value and attract the best to take part.
Attendee Acquisition Services
  VIP attendees are targeted, secured and provided with pre and post event communication and services.
Multi- Channel Promotion and Media Coverage
  Effective, coordinated multi-channel media plans that maximize reach and effectiveness, that are custom created for each projects and its target stakeholders.
Specialized Publications
  Over two dozen special publications are produced, including brochures, posters, catalogues, newsletters, quality magazines and schedules.
Specialized Web, e-Literature and IT Systems
  Traditional printed literature is augmented with a full range of creative websites and e-literature.
Target Audience Database
  Effective databases for the multiple groups of stakeholders and target audience are developed to specific requirements of each project or campaign.
Paper and Proceeding Services
  Conference proceedings can be delivered via traditional printed formats, on CDs or they can be taken directly from the web.